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Wood Nirvana is a fragrance that embodies an extraordinary equilibrium, seamlessly blending floral, earthy, woody, and sweet elements. It unravels its captivating aroma by commencing with the allure of exotic rose wood and the invigorating essence of cardamom. These initial notes set the stage for a remarkable journey, as they seamlessly transition into a harmonious fusion of the rare and distinctive oud wood.

The remarkable craftsmanship and captivating scent of Wood Nirvana make it a fitting addition to the esteemed Royal Collection. Its composition is a testament to the artistry and finesse that is reserved for only the most exceptional fragrances. If you possess an appreciation for the unparalleled allure of oud, Wood Nirvana undoubtedly deserves a cherished place among your collection of oud-based fragrances. Allow its exquisite blend to transport you to a realm of unparalleled olfactory delight.

Notes: Oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber.
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