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The quintessence of Oud is one that is akin to memories of nostalgia in a bottle. To the wearer, the fragrance is unique and recaptures enchanting experiences. The creation of Oud is an art form that is passed on from generation to generation and is complemented by years of experience and knowledge. 

As a creation that was intended for royals and nobility, the gifting of Oud celebrated true craftsmanship that was appreciated by a society that understood that perfume was the most precious and intimate adornment one could own. 

From inception, Oud is precious, not only because of the very finite resource it is harvested from, the Agarwood tree, but because it is the only scent to leave an impression to the senses unlike all else. The woody scent of Oud is rich in so many nuances – ranging from sweet to earthy tones – with some notes of leather and spices, depending on the tree of extraction. Our Oud is a bold tapestry that brings out the best in so many elements, scents and fragrances that we have come to love, and it is the embodiment of liquid gold in the world of the perfumer. 

It is with these ideas in mind, The Oud Company brings to its clientele luxurious and unique experiences, in the spirit that premium fragrances should be accessible to all without a compromise on quality or service. And it doesn’t stop there, we provide a personable service every time.

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