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Ana Abiyedh is for the Magnetic composition of a self-assured person. The dazzling play of a noble agar tree keeps intriguing throughout the entire sound of the fragrance.

The composition reveals a stunning snow-white musk and sensual oil of Cyprian, giving the fragrance a special charm. Gradually, spicy notes of cardamom, voluptuous saffron and charming vanilla come into play. A train of a luxurious bouquet wraps the body with the hot embraces of an agar tree and a noble guayac.

Ana Abiyedh is a strong and independent fragrance that is needed by a self-sufficient representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: White musk, Cyprian oil
Medium Notes: Cardamom, saffron, vanilla
Base Notes: Agarwood, guayac

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